Uduvil Girls’ College, Jaffna   


Cushioned among tall, brightly burning red flamboyant trees and set amidst a riot of multi hued flowers stands Uduvil Girls’ College founded in the year 1824 by American Missionaries.  The school is a part of the tiny village of Uduvil in the Northern part of Sri Lanka. Mrs. Harriet Winslow its pioneer principal arrived on the premises on a fine April morning in 1820 and gradually gathered up girl students of the community to be educated. This was a time when education for girls was not encouraged. Uduvil has had eight principals at its helm and stands as a proud witness to the high ideals and its worthy missionary heritage. Susan Howland took over the leadership of the school afer Mrs. Harriet Winslow and then followed Miss Susan Howland.  Miss Lulu Bookwalter was its last American principal. Miss Bookwalter with great pride and confidence passed on the reins of the school to Miss Ariam Hudson Paramasamy, Uduvil’s first national principal. She was followed by Mrs. Saraswathy Somasundaram in 1970 and by Ms. Chelvi Selliah in 1982. Uduvil’s current principal is Mrs. Shiranee Mills.

Welcome to Uduvil Girls’ College

The school has a student population of approximately 1330. The school continues to aspire towards sending out pupils who possess a fierce love of truth and integrity, in line with the school’s motto “The Truth Shall Make You Free.”.  There are three specific units in the school namely the Primary, Secondary and the Further Education Program. The Secondary section prepares students for local examinations in the Tamil, as well as English medium. The Further Education Program (FEP) has as its goal the strengthening of the students through skill development. The Further Education Program thus conducts classes for Accounting Examinations (AAT) and also holds Music, English and Computer classes. Thus the FEP is very much integral to the total development of the school.               

Netball, Basketball and Hockey are games which Uduvil participates in with great enthusiasm and fervour. Drama and Theatre is another forte of Uduvil Girls’ College. Uduvil  has continued to win prizes at the Provincial level for productions of Shakespeare’s drama and other plays written and produced by the school.

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